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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ayurveda Pavilions Negambo

The first health holiday resort to be on the West coast, Ayurveda Pavilions is designed for people seeking in-house Ayurvedic therapy in quiet, peaceful surroundings.

The hotel is a village-like collection of guest villas of two sizes – King Size & Queen Size. The King Size Villas consists of an entrance pavilion, a courtyard and a bedroom with a luxurious bathroom and modern conveniences. The Queen Size Villas consists of a small entrance gateway with the bedroom across the courtyard, which combines the massage area in its verandah. These guestrooms include luxurious bathrooms and all other modern facilities. Both types of villas provide typical Sri Lankan village atmosphere with comfortable verandahs, simple furniture suiting the tropical climate and semi-outdoor use. The internal courtyard of both are inspired from the traditional courtyards of Sri Lankan and ancestral houses called the “midula” with tropical trees and medicinal plants which over the next few years will provide handsome foliage.

Value added facilities at Ayurveda Pavilions

1. Consultations and all treatments are done in the treatment room of your own villa.

2. On request, in-house Doctors will visit your villa to discuss any of your health problems and bring more awareness of Ayurveda.

3. A consultant will pay you a visit twice a week.

4. Every guest will be given a Detailed Health Report once the programme is complete.

5. In order to inner balance your mind, Dr. S. Karunatilekke, who has a Ph.D. in music, will visit your villa once a week and play the sitar for 45 minutes for each guest.

6. We serve individual catered meals, according to the body constitution of each guest. Daily purchases ensure that only the freshest food items are on offer to you.

7. Our flexibility has resulted in the removal of meal times, so that you may walk in any time & enjoy your meal.

8. All items that are served at the restaurant contains a description of the ingredients used & their benefits to you.

Mrs.Rookmanie Fernando
Sri Lanka


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