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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Buduruwagala - Sri Lanka

Buduruwagala is located about 5 km from the Wellawaya on the Thanamalwila road. Buduruwagala is a place, not to be missed if you are on your way from Hill country to southern beaches. The name “Buduruwagala” is derived from word “Budu”, “Ruwa” and “Gala”. Budu means “ Budda”, Ruwa means “Image” and “Gala” means stones(Buddha images with stones).

The statues are believed to build 10th century AD. The gigantic Buddha statue still bears traces of its original stuccoes robe and a long streak of orange suggests it was once brightly painted. The central of the three figures to the Buddha's right is thought to be the Buddhist mythological figure-the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. To the left of this white painted figure is a female figure in the thrice-bent posture, which is thought to be his consort-Tara.

Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan was considered as tallest Buddha statue until it was destruction by Taliban in March 2001. The Buduruwagala Buddha Statue is now considered the tallest in the world.


Chaminda said...

You forgot to mention that this is Mahayana buddhism, now extinct in Sri Lanka.

Historians believe that since this statues are unfinished, the people who built them were probably killed, possibly by our own theravada buddhists who are the dominant religion in that region(nothing new here, especially if you watch some of the militant political monks nowadays).

Note also, that Dala Lama, the most famous buddhist in the world is NEVER invited to Sri Lanka, because many of our theravadins are too afraid of even other forms of buddhism, what to speak of other religions...

Thilani Bandara said...

Mahayana Buddhism include Theravada as the first part of its teachings. Then it adds extra compassion to build up the second part of its teaching. This is why Mahayana Buddhism is open minded than Theravada Buddhism.