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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thambapanni Retreat - Boutique Hotel in Unawatuna, Galle

Thambapanni Retreat is a Boutique Hotel in Unawatuna, Galle. This is a sanctuary to equilibrium your mind, body and soul. Thambapanni Retreat offers
host of amenities and levels of comfort and maintains the meticulous standards required by the discerning guest.
Accommodation at the Thambapanni Retreat Unawatuna comprises luxurious bungalows and suites which are in harmony with the untouched milieu.

In a rainbow of Vedic options including:

» Ayurvedic oil massages
» Yoga teachings
» Healthy and delicious food
» Meditation
» Herbal steam sauna
» Reiki Treatments and initiations

Thambapanni Retreat offers a rejuvenating voyage of a new inner and outer discovery.


Address:Thambapanni Retreat Unawatuna, Galle, Sri Lanka

Fax: 0094-91-2233130


Anonymous said...

The place was average. Food was exorbitentently priced and bland. I felt Management was more interested in milking the guest out of their money rather than looking out for their comfort. Just as an example (I have the bills to prove it): 1 PIECE of chicken would cost Rs.450/- whereas elsewhere of that caliber restaurant 1 DISH that could be shared by 2 pax would cost you that. So its a sure 'no' from me.

Anonymous said...

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