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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gok Kolla Wada

This is called ‘Kumara kalasa’ , a clay pot decorated with ‘Gok Kolla’. This is also known as ‘Epa Kalada’. This is a very essential object of ‘Shanthi Karma’ called ‘Kalu Kumara Samayama’. ‘Kalu Kumaraya’ is a daemon.

‘Kalu Kumara Samayama’ will be performed to free women from malefic influence of the daemon which is called ‘Kalu Kumara Dhistiya’ .

This is called Biso-Kapa. This is believed as a wishing tree that can grant prosperity.

This ‘Gok’ embroidered post is used in ‘divine rituals’ such as “Gammadu’ and ‘Devolmadu’ held in the Southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces of Sri Lanka. During the ceremony the ‘Biso-Kapa’ is planted on the ground and left as a promise of its blessings.

This is known as ‘Muthu-Kudaya’. ‘Muthu’ means pearl and ‘Kudaya’ means umbrella . So it mens pearl studded umbrella. This ornate show piece can be seen in Sri Lankan traditional ‘Tovil’ known as ‘Maha-Shon Samayama’ .

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