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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Udurawana Jokes

Promoted As Branch Manager
Udurawana gets ready ,wears a tie, coat ,goes out, climbs tree, sits
on the branch regularly. A man asks why he does this.
Udurawana:"I've been promoted as branch manager."

Udurawana At The Train
Udurawana: I haven't slept all night in the train.
Friend: why ?
Udurawana: Got upper berth.
Friend: Why didn't you exchange?
Udurawana: Oye, there was nobody to exchange with in the lower berth..

How To Reduce Population In India
The teacher lecturing on population -
In India, after every 10 sec a woman gives birth to a kid.
Udurawana stands up - we must find & stop her!.

The Race
Udurawana -why are all these people running?
Man- This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
Udurawana - If only the winner will get the cup, why are others

Real Future Tense
Teacher: "I killed a person" convert this sentence into future tense.
Udurawana: The future tense is "you will go to jail".

Chicken And Egg Problem Solved
Udurawana found the answer to the most difficult question ever –
"What comes first, the Chicken or the egg?
"Aiyooo, what ever you order first will come first."

Someone Is Going To Cheat Udurawana
Udurawana wins 20 Million Rupees from a Rs. 20 lottery ticket.
Dealer gave 11 Million after deducting tax.
Angry Udurawana: "Give me 20 Million or else return my 20 Rupees back.!"

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Nish said...

Exxelent Colllection.... love it