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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pol Sambol Recipe (Coconut Sambol)

2 cups grated fresh coconut
2 small pearl onions or shallots, sliced.
1 clove garlic, sliced.
1 small green Chile, sliced.
1-2 tsp Hot red Chile powder.
1 tsp of Salt.
1 medium lime.

Grind or chop all ingredients in a grinder or chopper.(Except coconut)
Add the coconut once all ingredients are crushed and mixed thoroughly.
Now grind all ingredients until the coconut turns evenly red and all ingredients are well mixed. Squeeze half a lime. Mix well.
Taste and adjust salt & lime according to your preference.
Serve with rice & curries. Or you can serve with bread.


Anonymous said...

The Chilly in that dish was too much. Most Sri Lankan Tamil foods have excessive chilly. How do we know excessive chilly?- if the taste of chilly is overwhelming in any dish instead of adding to the flavour of the dish- then its excessive. Ingredients in good cooking compliment each other. The foods of Tamilnadu in India are an example where chilly ads to the flavour of the food and does not overwhelm all other flavours in that food making the dish better taste wise and also healthwise.

Anonymous said...

depends on the type of Chile powder you buy from the store

Anonymous said...

There´s nothing like "excessive chilly". There can´t be too much chilly in a dish! Impossible.

Anonymous said...

Excessive chili? Please!